The event will have the honor to receive researchers of national and international excellence. The speakers will bring the newest information about Bioactive Compounds and new trend for academic and Technological innovation in the World.

  • Anne Nilsson

    Lund University

  • Maria Cristina Marcondes

    Institute of Biology, Unicamp

  • Sonia Sayago

    Tepic Technological Institute

  • Licio Velloso

    Faculty of Medical Sciences Unicamp

  • Mario Saad

    Faculty of Medical Sciences - Unicamp

  • Matthijs Dekker

    Wageningen University

  • Katia Sivieri

    Department of Food and Nutrition - UNESP

  • Mário Maróstica

    Faculty of Food Engineering, Unicamp

  • Rodrigo Catharino

    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Glaucia Pastore

    Faculty of Food Engineering - Unicamp

  • Cinthia Betim

    Faculty of Food Engineering, Unicamp

  • Elizabeth Torres

    University of São Paulo

  • Juscelino Tovar

    Lund University, Sweden

  • Jorge Alberto Sánchez-Burgos

    Tepic Technological Institute

  • Fernanda Mozzi

    Reference Center for Lactobacilus

  • José Ricardo Pérez Correa

    Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

  • Eduardo Carità

    Doctor Nano

  • Aarón González

    Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo