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2nd ICBC – Hybrid event


IWBC started on 2016, with a great success, attracting attendees from Brazil and other countries. In face of this, the Organizing Committee improved the Workshop into a Congress, which was firstly held on November 2018.

The topic of bioactive compounds is really transforming the modern view of Food Science and Nutrition in the World; bring attention to the food functionality related to disease prevention and health promotion. These new concepts are also calling attention from companies, with see opportunities for developing new products for emerging consumers.

The food scientists face new challenges in developing new products, which also should meet several exigencies from the consumers, like: ease to consume, practical, tasty, nutritious, among others. Furthermore, new technologies and new formulations are emerging to attend to this new demand, for consumers that look for products that could improve health and prevent diseases.

On the other hand, malnutrition is a big world challenge, including famine and bad nutrition habits. Food science and technology have a great opportunity in this scenario as well, for Universities, which promotes the training of cutting edge professionals; and for companies, which are responsible for the delivery of new products on the market.

Brazil and other countries should interact in order to find new solutions for innovation and experience exchange for the new food industry.

ICBC aims to bring new information for the knowledge frontiers for research, development and innovation.

The lectures of the “2nd International Congress on Bioactive Compounds and 3rd International Workshop on Bioactive Compounds” are entirely in English to be compatible with major world events and will address current research topics in the Food area and their applications for health.

Lectures will have simultaneous translation from English to Portuguese, mother language of the congress venue.

Welcome to 2nd ICBC!

<strong>Cinthia Bau Betim Cazarin</strong>
Cinthia Bau Betim Cazarin

ICBC – Scientif Director

<strong>Juliano Lemos Bicas</strong>
Juliano Lemos Bicas

ICBC – Director of Scientific Programming

<strong>Mario Roberto Marostica Junior</strong>
Mário Roberto Maróstica Junior

ICBC – President

Glaucia Pastore
Glaucia Maria Pastore

ICBC – Executive Committee

If you have any questions, use the information below to contact the event:
(19) 9 94026022